Brainteaser Alert: What’s the 9—Letter Word that’s a New Term each Time You Drop a Letter?

The English language is indeed amazing: adding, removing or rearranging only a single letter can change a whole word’s meaning; sometimes, this can be quite dramatic like ‘wordplay’ and ‘swordplay’.

Were you aware of this?

And, there’s a popular brainteaser that’s been confusing the internet for some time now and it involves English words!

Namely, it’s been asking from people to think of a word with 9 letters that stays an actual word whenever you remove a single letter from it.

Sounds pretty tricky, right? Believe us, it’s possible!

9-Letter Word: New Meaning every Time You Drop a Letter?

However, with a long list of words in the English lexicon, it may even be hard to come up with a 9-letter word. Plus, the word’s letters have to be sufficiently varied to be able to make other 8 words with the letters.

Grab a pen and paper and let’s give it a go.

If you’re still confused, don’t worry. We can help you-guessing the first letter will help you solve the remaining part of the puzzle.

And, if you still didn’t manage to find one; don’t worry. The solution is waiting for you below!


The word is STARTLING; the order in which you should eliminate the letters is L, T,A,R,T,G,S, and N.

Here’s how:

*remove the L, you get STARTING

*remove one T, you get STARING

*remove the A, you get STRING

*remove the R, you get STING

*remove the other T, you get SING

*remove the G, you get SIN

*remove the S, you get IN

*remove the N, you get I

We’re really startled by this puzzle, aren’t you? If you were also amazed by it, make sure you share it with your friends and family and have fun trying to solve it together!