This Electric Car Built by Dutch Students Is Made entirely of Waste, even the Chassis

A group of Dutch students made a fully-functioning electric car from waste, including plastic waste from the sea, recycled plastic bottles, as well as waste collected from households.

The yellow sporty two-seater that the students named Luca can reach a speed of 90km/h and can reach of 220 km when it’s fully charged.

The project manager Lisa van Etten explains that this car is indeed special. The chassis was made from flax and recycled bottles. In the interior, they used household waste.

Dutch Students Made a Car from Collected Waste

The car’s body has been made using hard plastics like the one from toys, TVs, and kitchen appliances whereas the seat cushions have coconut and horse hair.

The 22 students built this amazing car in 18 months as a way to prove the immense potential that waste offers. They’re hopeful that other companies will also make use of waste, according to the production team member Matthijs van Wijk.

However, not all of the cars’ materials could be made by repurposing waste-the car uses 6 modular batteries and new tires.

Not all of the Car Parts Are from Waste, Says the Team

The team did contact companies that make biodegradable tires; however, their products were still unavailable for purchase.

And, since they didn’t have the sufficient manpower to develop their own motors, they purchased them from another source.

Anyway, the car still looks impressive and promising and does give other car makers an opportunity to explore waste and see that it can be used to make their cars.

Check it out in the video below: