Study Shows How Smudging Sage Does a Lot More Than “Clear Evil Spirits”

Smudging is a well-known spiritual practice which a lot of people use on a regular basis to eliminate negative energy and evil spirits. Newest information also indicates that smudging has many other benefits to offer, including strong cleansing power (regardless of one’s spiritual beliefs.) Want to learn more about why you need to smudge more often? Continue reading this article…

Smudging: A Beneficial Cleansing Technique

As noted on Awareness Act, there are a lot of Americans who consider that smudging is a ‘new age’ thing; however, this technique is actually thousands of years old! Namely, Native Americans used it regularly.

They would burn herbs in a special bowl and the smoke coming out of them was thought to posses cleansing power that will keep bad energy and evil spirits at bay. Nowadays, there are pre-made dried herbs tied in a knot and sold as smudge sticks.

And, it appears that science supports the claims for a strong cleansing power of smudging. A recent study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology concluded that the usage of smoke is often used as a powerful delivery system for dermatological, neurological, and pulmonary problems.

The findings are very promising and they should be further explored to learn additional information about smudging which can be a powerful delivery system of remedies. Smudging was also found to remove bad bacteria from the air and thus, better the overall air quality.

The team discovered that a 60-minute treatment with medicinal smoke coming from a mixture of wood and herbs eliminated more than 94 percent of the bacteria in the air. One month after the smudging, the bad bacteria were not detectable in the air.

Final Thoughts

As seen on Longevity Box, if we take into account that most urban air contains more than 1800 distinct types of bacteria, practicing smudging occasionally may lower the risk of diseases associated with poor air quality.

If you want to start smudging and feel its benefits, check out the video below with full instructions!



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