63-Year Old Model Stuns the World: She Shares Her Secrets for Graceful Aging

For the 63-year old swimsuit model Yazemeenah Rossi, age is definitely just a number. She looks nothing like most women aged 63 and she is a real example of a healthy and natural beauty.

According to Awareness Act, she has a long and beautiful silver hair. Interestingly, her hair started to change color when she was only 10 and a decade afterwards, it went completely silver. She considers her hair color to be a real gift.

Who Is Yazemeenah Rossi?

She was born in France and raised at the island Corsica. So, it is no wonder she is a free spirit and a person with a relaxed nature. Her goal in life is to live with as less stress as possible and she considers that it is this type of lifestyle that has maintained her youthful appearance, despite being a grandmother of two.

Her career as a model started later than that of most models today, i.e. she began modeling at 28. Whether it is her silver hair or wrinkle-free skin, this 63-year old model is definitely an inspiration and motivation for all women, regardless of their age.

When asked about what her “secret” to her youthful appearance is, she always gives 4 pieces of advice. Find them out in the list below.

Yazemeenah’s 4 Secrets to a Healthy & Youthful Appearance

  1. Do what you love

She says that she will be a model for the rest of her life.She considers modeling to be all about witnessing the beauty and energy that makes us alive and how we are. She advises everyone that they enjoy what they do, whatever it is. When you feel as if your heart is going to explode from happiness, you know you are on the right path. Approach everything in life with passion, dedication, love, and energy. Even though life is full of challenges, fill it with positivity and see how your life improves.

  1. Take good care of your skin

The media these days is trying to make us believe that we need all kinds of products to have a healthy skin, but, most of this is being done for profits. You will never hear a company selling skin care products say that the skin has a capacity to protect itself. She does not have products “she can’t live without” and she can always find what she needs almost anywhere. She recommends olive oil and rapeseed oil for both facial and body skin. She uses the olive oil for her face and body whereas the rapeseed one goes on her hair. She also relies on DIY scrubs for thorough exfoliation of her skin. If you want a glowing and healthy skin, she advises you to eat sufficient amount of healthy fats on the daily and to exercise too. Walking and exercise are crucial for the skin- our largest breathing organ.

  1. Follow a healthy diet

Her everyday diet consists of avocados and she stays away from processed, frozen, and microwaved foods. She tries to do her best to prepare her own food and tries to use as organic ingredients as possible, including veggies, fruits, nuts, quality fish, and lean meat.

  1. Do not fear change

Feeling pressured by changes we want to or need to make is completely normal. But, in order to go through this in a healthy way, we need to be disciplined, dedicated, and curious at all times. Regarding bad habits, they can be difficult to break so you need to begin gradually. Embrace your uniqueness and realize that life is not all about having the “ideal” proportions. The beauty is in who we are as women. Rejoice and accept changes that come with aging and do your best to live the life you have always wanted to.


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