TOP 5 Ways To Keep Mice Out of Your RV Or Camper

Having an RV camper is all about enjoying the beauties of the great outdoors and connecting with people from all over the world who are residing in RV parks. However, though it may be interesting to live in an RV or to use it regularly, the numerous mice in summertime which are trying to “visit” your RV can definitely reduce the beauty of the experience.

You may even feel as if you are doing everything you can, but they just keep coming. If you have a long history with mice in your RV, check out the following tips that we discovered on Wagner’s RV Center. They are very helpful!

RV Struggles: How to Keep Mice Out of Your RV

  1. Block their entrance

Do a thorough inspection of your RV and find potential mice entries. Take into account that mice are small and they can usually fit through small cracks and holes. When you locate the spots, it is time to block them. You can use spray foam, steel wool, screen mesh, etc.

  1. Clean your RV regularly and properly

Never leave any food out in the open. And, check out the compartments, fridge, and cupboards, etc. for potential points of access. Also, regularly remove paper waste, put aside clothing and other fabric, and keep everything tidy at all times. Make it seem “boring” for the little creatures.

  1. Use a DIY remedy

Sprinkle some peppermint oil through different parts of the RV or use fabric softener sheets and place them in compartments, drawers, etc.

  1. You can always trap them

Without doubt, old-fashioned mouse traps can do wonders. They are not expensive and are easy to set up. However, the only unpleasant part is that you will actually have to dispose of the dead mice, which you may not find so satisfying.

  1. Purchase a professional deterrent

Store-bought mice deterrents can be a beneficial method to put an end to mice infestations in your camper. These products will keep them at bay because they cannot stand the odor being released from them. Some of these products are scented bags you need to place throughout the area or sprays that you can apply onto different segments of the RV.

You are still struggling with mice in your camper? No worries, check out the video below to learn more about how to get rid of them once and for all:



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