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Do You Pick Up Other People’s Litter?-You Should

Some people will thank you, others will join you, and there are those who will make fun of you for picking up other people’s garbage while on the beach or in the park. But, why is this so?-It’s a no brainer that pollution is bad for the environment and for […]

The Only Way to Win with a Toxic Person Is Not to Play

Unfortunately, toxic people are everywhere-whether in our family, at work, in school, etc. it’s not easy to avoid them altogether. Toxic people are constantly putting others down without feeling bad for it and without any need to apologize-even when they say they’re sorry, they rarely mean it. So, any apology […]

Former Circus Elephants Reunited After 22 Years Apart

By now, most of us are well aware that animals have emotions too-they create familial bonds, friendships and feel sadness and feel happiness. People with pets are witnesses to their one-of-a-kind personality and reaction to things from their daily life. Even a small goldfish will get excited when it sees […]