Japan Is Giving Away Abandoned Houses Free of Charge, but there’s a Catch

If you’ve been looking to change something in your life, moving to Japan may be the idea you needed!

And, you won’t need to worry about housing because Japan is currently selling abandoned houses for as little as $500! In some cases, you can even find free-of-charge vacancies as part of their efforts to attract residents.

The Japanese government will make it easier to turn your dreams into a reality. Considering the number of abandoned homes there being 8 million, it’s a reasonable incentive.

Vacant Japanese Homes Available at Low Prices

Known as ‘akiya’, these empty houses are mostly located in the rural Japanese parts like Kagoshima, Kochi, and Tokushima.

There, the rates of home vacancy are higher than 18 percent, according to data provided by a Japan’s Housing & Land survey.

This phenomenon of vacant homes is a result of old relative passing away or people moving to other parts of the country and leaving the old homes behind.

Japanese Government Is Using Other Methods to Attract Residents

In addition to offering homes for cheap prices and free of charge, the Japanese governments are using other methods to attract residents like offering grants for renovation and subsidization.

The new zoning laws have been introduced in some parts too to enable these locations to be transformed into new businesses.

This being said, if you’re searching for a house that’s for free, Okutama in the west of Tokyo is giving away vacant and old buildings without charging you anything.

This offer has already been swept up by residents and many of these vacant flats have been used to make workshops and restaurants.

Moving abroad to Japan’s akiya may be a great idea for those looking for a new start and people with an adventurous spirit!