90-Year-Old Fisherman Has Been Cleaning Plastic Waste from the Ocean for Two Decades

Wayan Nyo is a 90-year-old fisherman from Indonesia who’s part of a beautiful culture that’s passionate about ocean protection.

Throughout his childhood and the years after, Nyo spent his life mostly on the waters. Every day, he would take his nets and mesh sacks and go with his boat on the coast of Bali.

There, Nyo listened to the waves, read the weather, tracking fish, and learned the ocean currents’ rhythm.

The amazing turquoise waters were a prime fishing location once; but, in the last 21 years, Nyo has been devoted to clean what seems to be never-ending plastic pollution in these precious waters.

Nyo’s Cause Has Been Documented in an Amazing Short Film

Dana Frankoff, a San Francisco-based director, documented Nyo’s cause in a short film named Voice Above Water. This film is about giving voice to the story of how one human uses his resources to make a change.

It’s a depiction of the journey of Nyo who turned his trade of fishing into one of cleaning the ocean, all for the future generations to come and be able to fish and feed their families and communities.

This is a short, but powerful film that has gathered quite the awards so far, the most recent one being the First Time Film at the 2021 International Ocean Film Festival as well as the Best Short Documentary at the 2021 San Luis Obispo Film Festival.

Frankoff who’s very passionate about marine conservation and the promotion of sustainable changes in the world explains that Nyo’s story shows us that if we all play our part, we can achieve things greater than ourselves.

The fisherman’s dedication to the fight against water pollution in Indonesia is inspiring.

Below, check out the trailer for the short documentary about the man who’s changed his trade of fishing into one of cleaning the ocean from plastic for the next generations: