Former Circus Elephants Reunited After 22 Years Apart

By now, most of us are well aware that animals have emotions too-they create familial bonds, friendships and feel sadness and feel happiness.

People with pets are witnesses to their one-of-a-kind personality and reaction to things from their daily life. Even a small goldfish will get excited when it sees you over the bowl in the morning with food and swish happily in the sun.

Although they’re sentient beings, animals aren’t always treated in the best way possible. In fact, animal cruelty is all around us, it exists throughout cultures, countries, continents.

People have been and continue enslaving animals for a variety of purposes. We forget we need to be united with animals-we need them as much as they need us.

The ability of animals to feel and remember is definitely shown through this emotional story of 2 elephants that were reunited after 22 years of being separated.

Best Friends Are Forever

Jenny and Shirley are 2 elephants that have their own unique story to tell. A lot of years ago, Shirley was enslaved as a circus elephant.

One day, an infant, an elephant named Jenny arrived. Another elephant that was doomed to captivity and mistreatment. Shirley did what any other good elderly would do-she took little Jenny under her and they immediately became best friends, a family.

Sadly, the two got separated after several years. Shirley was rescued from captivity and she was moved to a sanctuary. Jenny eventually arrived there too. Although they haven’t seen each other for a while, their joy was amazing and instant.

They rekindled their connection and this was so heart-warming, so human-like. So, why we keep on mistreating these sentient beings?

Humans & Animals Are Equal Sentient Beings

Cruelty to animals must never be accepted and as we grow and evolve as species, we realize more and more that we need to treat animals better.

They’re also able to experience sadness, joy, love, depression, etc. And, Shirley and Jenny’s connection is a proof of this.

In 2018, Shirley celebrated her 70th birthday and was the 3rd oldest elephant living in North America.

Her caretaker Soloman said that he doesn’t know who put the chains on her first, he’s glad he was the last one to take it off. We sincerely hope all animals that are kept in captivity will be as fortunate as Shirley and Jenny and be able to know what freedom really is, one day.

Although this animal cruelty story has a happy ending, many others, unfortunately, do not.

Let’s be the ones who motivate change and improvement, let’s show the power of the human-animal connection and why freedom is important for everyone.