These Innovative Cat Porches Are an Awesome Way to Keep Your Cats Safe

Screened cat porches seem to be a smart way to keep our cat pets safe while they’re still able to enjoy fresh air and staying outdoors.

Cat owners know that one of the most difficult things about them is preventing them from roaming around. Cats are naturally independent and aren’t easy to contain.

But, we love them because they matter to us and we worry about the numerous predators and also because of the high chances of being hit by vehicles or being chased by dogs.

In this case, it can be an awesome idea to build your cat a Catio-in this way, they’ll be happy and live in harmony with the nature without wandering off too much.

What Is a Catio & Why Does My Cat Need It?

A Catio is a screened porch and it can be constructed in multiple styles and always make sure your cat is satisfied.

This Catio is spacious so being locked up won’t be a problem-the cat will have enough space to roam and play around.

Thanks to the video tutorial we’re going to share with you below, you can easily make your own Catio on a budget.

Your furry baby will have its own window to the world and enjoy playing around in their Catio. If you’re lacking inspiration, no worries: there are many different styles and sizes to check out and find the most suitable for you and your best friend.

There are super-sized enclosures, window runs, and even one with a swing and a tree garden.

With a Catio, your cat can enjoy the outdoor world yet you’ll be able to observe them and stay relaxed knowing they’re safe and happy.

Add their favorite toys in the patio for a full chill. Since we know how much cats love boxes, these bigger boxes seem to be a great idea!

What do you think? Do you have a cat? Would you make them a Catio?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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