Do You Pick Up Other People’s Litter?-You Should

Some people will thank you, others will join you, and there are those who will make fun of you for picking up other people’s garbage while on the beach or in the park.

But, why is this so?-It’s a no brainer that pollution is bad for the environment and for us, so why we make fun of those trying to preserve the beauty of nature?

It’s important to do this, to teach people a good example, especially teach our young people that nature gives us so much and that we should also give back, in this case, take away the garbage it pollutes it.

Even a small change can contribute to a global improvement of the most important battle today-the battle with pollution.

Picking up trash should be something we all do-not just the ‘cleaning freak’ amongst your friends or the ‘environmentally-conscious, hippie relative’.

It’s something that we all have to do if we want to preserve our planet and keep it clean for our next generations.

The Negative & Disastrous Effects of Pollution on Planet Earth

Improper waste disposal has so many negative effects, as well as our exposure to it. In addition to worsening our health, it also contaminates our air, waters, soil, marine life, animals, carries pests, doesn’t get recycled, and weakens the local economy.

Moreover, it’s a major contributing factor to climate change because the decomposing releases gases that go into the atmosphere and trap heat.

Unfortunately, the improper waste handling and our pollution of planet earth is slowly killing our environment.

It’s time we all take responsibility for ourselves, for the planet, and for our children.

So, the next time you feel weird because someone calls you out for picking up other people’s trash, tell them this.

Tell them how they’re not keeping their home clean, how they’re contributing to the global pollution and climate change problems, and how they’re destroying our beloved planet.




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