Stunning Transformation: 73-Year-Old Lady Loses 55lbs & Becomes a Fitness Instructor

Indeed, it’s not every day we get to see a woman in her 70s showing us how to do a dead lift.

Joan MacDonald, 73-year-old fitness instructor, said that she knows that a lot of people her age would shy away from exercising like she does.

But, three years ago, this wasn’t the case for her- the Cobourg, Ontario native was in a very difficult place- she weighed almost 200 pounds and took several meds, including for hypertension and cholesterol.

She was also diagnosed with arthritis and had knee surgery. She also recalls how she was unhappy with herself.

When she advised her doctors, they all said she should take more meds; however, she didn’t want any more meds.

This is when she realized she needed to make a change if she wanted to feel better.

With the Help of Her Daughter, Joan Made the Transformation of a Lifetime

Together with her daughter, MacDonald made one of the biggest physical transformations. Her daughter is a physique transformation coach, Michelle MacDonald.

Her mother began a 6-month fitness program and her daughter taught her about healthy eating and worked closely with her on her form and technique.

She showed her how to properly exercise and lift weights.

In only 6 months, Joan lost 45 pounds! Her daughter was flabbergasted and she’s happy that her mother didn’t just lose weight, but also started gaining muscle.

She doesn’t take any hormone replacement therapy- it’s just proper eating and training with focus on form, intensity, and technique.

In elderly people, we commonly see the muscles naturally deteriorating with age.

So, it’s quite wonderful and encouraging seeing that a person in her 70s is putting on muscle, despite this aging factor, explains Michelle.

Joan Is Popular on Social Media & an Inspiration for Many

MacDonald has more than 125,000 followers on Instagram and on this platform; she shares daily workouts like cardio and weight lifting.

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Good morning everyone ?? I have so many new followers now that I think it’s time I introduced myself again. My name is Joan ?? I’m 73 years old (my birthday is March 30th). I grew up in Newfoundland in a small village that was very remote. When I was a girl my family moved to Cobourg Ontario and I still live there today. I battled my weight for most of my life and in my forties I gave in. At 5’3” I weighed 198 lbs with a 39” waist. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux and arthritis. I still enjoyed life, but as I got older and my health became worse I was irritable, often depressed and felt hopeless. In 2017 I joined an online program for women and committed to getting into shape. I had no expectations. I just wanted to get off my medication and stay out of the hospital. My daughter was my coach and she called me every week to make sure I was doing okay. In the first month I lost over ten pounds, and it kept coming off steadily. The first year I lost 45 lbs. The second year I lost another 10 lbs. This most recent year I lost another ten pounds. I eat five meals a day. My macros are 150 g Protein, 120 g Carbs and 50 g fat daily. They change every now and again but not too much. I lift weights 5 x week. I do cardio almost daily for about 20-30 minutes. I take a multivitamin, collagen, Creatine and BCAAS by @womensbest I use protein powder 1 x day in a delicious shake that satisfies my sweet tooth! ☺️ I also meditate in the morning to help control my mindset. I don’t want to ever stop this journey. I will never skip my workouts because I will never go back to where I was. ? I hope my story helps you to keep going. There is nothing that compares to great health. ?? It’s great to meet you! If there is anything else you want to know please comment below. ?

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Her Instagram is in a way a document of her fitness journey and regimen, how she plans her meals, tracks her protein and calorie intake, etc.

Michelle recommends that seniors who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle should begin slowly and work with a coach who will design the best workout plant according to their body and abilities.

Joan said on her Instagram that her ‘trick’ for a healthy diet is eating balanced meals, 5 each day.

This 73-year-old woman is definitely defying fitness stereotypes and shows that we can all do better!