Jamie Oliver’s 30-Pound Weight Loss after Going Vegetarian

According to celebrity chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver, he lost weight because he removed meat from his diet.

The 44-year-old said he’s been swapping meals with meat for vegetarian ones.

He noted that he reduced his meat consumption, upped his veggie consumption, improved his sleep, and got more physically active.

Oliver also added that he lost around 30 pounds by eating more, but making sure all of his meals are nutritious.

He lost the first pounds very easy and it was through eating as he ate more than he used to do before.

Jamie Oliver’s Amazing Weight Loss with Meat Removal from Diet

The chef also added that he consumed nuts regularly to get sufficient protein and fat. Plus, he ate seaweed as it’s believed to help speed up the weight loss as it has low calories and rich in fiber.

It can also boost the metabolic rate.

He reduced his alcohol consumption and exercises on a regular basis. He claims that he now only drinks for the weekends.

Jamie Oliver Released a Vegetarian Cookbook

The chef encourages all people to focus on plant-based diet more and last year, he released Veg, a vegetarian cookbook.

It contains more than 100 easy recipes for vegetarians and people who want to lower their meat intake.

When describing the cookbook, Oliver said that it’s all about celebrating good and tasty food that’s meat free. It’s a collection of recipes which he often makes at home.

You can also find a lot of vegetarian and vegan recipes on his website. Moreover, 2 years ago, all of the locations of his restaurant chain Jamie’s Italian launched a plant-based menu.

In the UK, he hosts a cooking show called Meat-Free Meals and he’s also previously removed meat for a week in 2018.

He also encouraged his fans to do the same.