This Man Brought a Llama in a Tuxedo at His Sister’s Wedding: Her Reaction Went Viral

Mendl Winstock made an unusual promise to his sister Riva five years ago. And, he kept it.

He said that his sister used to talk about her wedding as if it would happen tomorrow when she wasn’t even dating someone at that time.

To make her a bit mad and get a reaction, Mendl said to his sister that if she makes him come to the wedding that he would come with a llama.

After several minutes of arguing, his sister used a bit of reverse psychology and said to her brother ‘ok, the llama is invited to the wedding’.

In an amazing brother style, Mendl made sure his sister doesn’t forget about the invitation.

Riva Gets Engaged & Plans Her Wedding

Riva said that for the past 5 years, her brother has been ‘torturing’ her with the llama and has been reminding her of this every week.

She says she tried striking several deals and did almost the impossible to make sure he doesn’t bring a llama; however, on her wedding day, there was a llama and it wore a tuxedo!

Mendl Starts to Make Plans for the Llama

Riva says that when her brother puts his mind to something, he fulfils it.

She called him to tell him the news of her engagement and his response was ‘great, I’m calling the llama farm now’.

After an hour later or so, she got a message from him saying that the rental of a llama was confirmed.

The Wedding Day with a Special Guest

On Riva’s wedding day in Cleveland, Ohio, Mendl brought the llama named Shocky. He even got the llama a tuxedo for this special day!

As his sister was aware what to expect, she tried to ‘bargain’ with her brother to make the fluffy guest as unobtrusive as possible.

She also promised him one photo, but she won’t stand next to the llama or touch it.

But, this one photo was enough to go viral- Mendl shared the photo on Reddit and it received more than 154,000 upvotes.

Riva Had no Idea that an Inside Joke with Her Brother Would Go Viral

Riva believes it’s the playful sibling rivalry and her unamused face on the photo that made it so popular.

She says that it’s her facial expression as she doesn’t look thrilled and this is probably what caught people’s attention.

She says this is pretty much her face all the time when she looks at her brother!

The Llama Joke Continues in the Wedding Hall

The llama joke continued inside the hall- the siblings’ friends placed inflatable llamas at the sweetheart tables on the chairs.

The real llama was on the wedding for 30 minutes and posed for photos with the surprised guests before it went home to its farm outside Cleveland.

Riva is already ‘plotting’ her ‘payback’ for Mendl’s prank.

She said that ‘he better sleep with one eye open because I will definitely be exacting some revenge’.




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