This Couple from Southern Arizona Is Making Mats for the Homeless Using Plastic Bags

One thing that most homes have a pile of is plastic bags, right? And, we use most of these bags to pack something or to take with us to the store.

But, this couple from Sierra Vista Arizona is using them in a much different, unusual way and by doing this; they’re actually helping homeless people!

According to Douglas Crouch who’s making the plastic yarn, the first thing is to flatten the bags. Then, he takes the plastic bags and cuts and ropes them into big balls.

His wife Adele uses these balls to crochet them and explains that this process is very easy- a single crochet stitch.

But, it takes time to make one single mat. Still, they’re doing well!

A Couple from Arizona Makes Mats from Plastic Bags

One plastic yarn and one loop at a time, this couple is working hard to create beautiful mats for the homeless.

Plastic is an excellent insulator for the cold ground. However, it does require around 100 hours for the making of a single mat.

Adele explains that three hours is her max because after some time, the hands begin to feel sore.

What Does the Final Product Look Like?

The final product is a mat that’s 3.5 feet wide, 5 feet long, and weighs 5 pounds. It requires around 14 balls of yarn made from around 50 bags each to produce it or 700 plastic bags!

Adele says that it’s a long process.

But, they’re persistent and dedicated because they have a special place for the homeless in their hearts. This is because they felt how it feels on their own skin several years ago.

Adele said that the cold is a well-known fear for these people who have lost everything.

The couple was homeless for some time after their house burned down. It was a scary part of their lives and now they’re trying to help others.

They want to help homeless get back on their feet with a warm start. But, they don’t just make mats from plastic bags; they also make scarves and beanies too.

Then they donate the stuff to the community and to the people who’re need these things the most. They’ve finished one mat already and hope to make 10 more.

Those who would like to donate plastic bags to this amazing couple; you can send Alice a message on her Facebook.