Heartbreaking Photo: Sister Comforts Her Ill Brother Who Has Leukemia

Earlier this month, a mother has shared a saddening photo of her daughter consoling her poor little brother who has leukemia.

Back in 2008, the boy, Beckett Burge, only 2-years-old at the time, was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of blood cancer that starts in young white blood cells in the bone marrow.

From the diagnosis until now, the boy has spent long periods in the hospital where he received chemo and blood and platelet transfusions.

The Desire to Live & Immense Support from Family

Throughout the years, Beckett has received so much support and love from his family, especially from his bigger sister Aubrey who’s been there for him through thick and thin.

Though she’s only a year and two months older, she’s proven herself to be very mature and caring. Their mother, Kaitlin who’s 28, says that her daughter has ‘developed an incredible bond with her brother’ and that she refers to him as her best friend.

The mother, who’s originally from Texas, explains how Aubrey prefers staying in the house and helping her brother rather than going out to play with friends.

Back in January, she took an amazing photo of Aubrey watching over her brother while he’s leaning over the toilet. She’s rubbing his back and reassuring him that it will all be okay.

The mother adds that after the photo, Aubrey went to wash her hands before she helped her brother to the couch. And, she asked her parents if she could help clean the bathroom.

The mother wanted to share this powerful photo with the rest of the world in order to show the importance of family support during times of struggle.

A Loving Bond between Brother and Sister

The mother says that when she sees them together, she’s very happy, but, at the same time, she feels sad. They have an amazing connection and have become even closer and Aubrey always takes good care of her brother.

However, a child at her age should be spending more time outside playing with her friends. She loves gymnastics; however, because of the boy’s expensive treatment, she could no longer attend classes.

Instead of playing outside and swimming in the pool, she’s here, taking care for her brother. From an early age, they’ve been very close and he would play with her toys and he would play with hers. Though they encourage her to go outside, she would rather watch her brother.

After he was in the hospital for a month, Beckett returned home to his family when it was his sister’s 5th birthday. His changed appearance caused worry in Aubrey and so she started asking a lot of questions, some of which were very difficult.

They told her that her brother got very sick and that it couldn’t have been prevented and that it’s not going to happen to her.

They also included a social worker to help explain the situation to her. They’ve been very open and allowed her to ask questions. They also include the boy because they want him to know what he has in order to know he’s no different.

Brave Beckett, who’s now four, will probably need another two years of chemo and Aubrey will continue being the best friend and caring sister she’s always been.





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