How The Narcissist Gets Away With Abusing People And Come Off As A Good Person

When it comes to narcissists, just when we think you’re able to recognize them and get away from them, they work their way into your lives and do their thing.

Nowadays, it’s very difficult to live in a world which seems to have been created to serve and breed such manipulators.

People who’re manipulators are narcissists who have several faces and each one is more false than the other. When it comes to this type of people, they usually have one target- a person who’s full of integrity, empathy, and compassion.

This is because they envy those who’re better than them in their minds and thus, consider them a threat which they need to eradicate.

How to Recognize a Narcissist?

The problem of dealing with a narcissist is that we’ll soon see their true selves; however, we won’t be able to do something since they are so good at manipulation. Their abuse can be seen in friendships, relationships, etc.

Narcissists can get away with manipulation and still be considered a good person because of their ability to manage how others see them.

They tend to praise their “victims” when they’re with them in public; however, criticize them when they’re alone.

They provoke different emotional reactions in others and make them look unstable. They’re so good at manipulation that they’re capable of making themselves appear as the victim, not the abuser.

When they meet new people, they immediately label them as someone who’s a threat or not. If they’re a threat to them because of their talents, success, education, etc., they will praise them at first before they start to devalue them.

In a narcissistic person’s world of manipulation, lies, and mind games, they’re the only winner and those victims who’re able to leave their side and move on with their lives.

Narcissistic individuals may appear as trustworthy at first- whether it’s their good looks, their intellect or something else, they appear mesmerizing to others.

In psychology, this is known as the halo effect or a tendency for people to take one good trait and ascribe it to the rest of their personality. For example, ‘he’s smart, so he must be a good person’.

How to Stay Away from Narcissistic People?

We need to be able to listen more to our inner voice and be able to speak up when we feel the other side is abusing us and putting us down.

Raise your voice and make sure you spread awareness about such people. Stop convincing yourself that the person who’s mistreating you and abusing you is ‘deep inside a good person’.





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