This ZOO Puts People in Moving Cages while the Animals Roam Free

Believe it or not, there is a ZOO in Rancagua, Chile called Safari Lion Zoo where things are upside down, i.e. people are in the cages and the animals roam free.

The idea behind this unusual ZOO is the chance to give people to see the animals in their natural habitat. The visitors are at a safe distance from animals and are taken for a ride through the ZOO inside a secure metal cage.

Would you visit this ZOO?

The Unusual Safari

The visitors can take fresh meat pieces to attract the attention of the wild animals. When the animals smell the meat, they jump on the cage, walk on top of the cage, and gaze curiously at the people.

However, visitors aren’t allowed to feed the animals. They can still take photos and even touch them. However, the touching is something which only the bravest of people do. This is because these animals roam free and thus, their behavior is unpredictable.

According to Chris Draper, programs manager in Born Free Foundation, this is a positive change from the traditional animal-in-cages arrangement. However, he questions if the lion enclosure is any better or bigger than any other zoo or wildlife park?

Even though this setup may better the visitors’ experience and view of the wildlife, the benefits for the animals remain unclear.

Be that as it may, this is a captive facility and these animals won’t be released to the wild. If you want to see this safari for yourself, don’t miss out on the video shown below.





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