Seven Best Friends Buy A Mansion To Live And Grow Old Together

While a lot of us are struggling to organize one single getaway with our friends, these seven friends have managed to buy a mansion together.

These seven best friends from China decided to purchase a house in which they can live together and grow old. The first time they saw the property in the suburbs of Guangzhou was in 2018 and decided to make it their home.

A Dream that Came True

The 3-storey mansion is located among paddy fields and has floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a tea pavilion, and a big open kitchen, and of course, a swimming pool.

These friends have known each other for two decades and back in 2008, they decided that they want to live together one day.

Today, they’ve made their dream a reality. These ladies now in their 30s, who met at work, now own a luxurious mansion located in a quaint village away from the centre. Every lady has her own private bedroom.

They’re like-minded people who enjoy drinking tea so this is why they’ve placed a tea pavilion in the middle of the garden which is connected by a bamboo walkway.

For the best friends, this idea began as a joke and they often said would live together one day and ‘cook, have barbecues, sing, and collect food from the village’.

In order to ensure they can contribute to keeping the house in good condition, each of them has promised to learn a useful skill that will benefit all of them. Some of them include cooking, traditional Chinese medicine, gardening, and playing music.

After a video with their home was shared on YouTube, dozens of people have commented that they also want to live with their friends and retire together.

Some complimented the women on their beautiful home and friendship whereas others said that it’s very nice to have such close friends living in such an amazing home.




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