The Coronavirus Arrived in the US: 6 Individuals Have Died in Washington

In Washington State in the US, 6 people have died from the COVID-19 and there are more than 100 people affected by it.

4 of the people who died lived in the Life Care Center nursing care facility in suburban Seattle, according to officials. The 4 other deaths are also linked to this center.

According to the website of the center, the residents and the center’s associates will be monitored closely, especially for symptoms like increased temperature, shortness of breath, and coughing.

Any of the residents who show these symptoms will be isolated and the associates are being screened before they start working and before leaving.

All of the US Deaths Are in Washington

Currently, every death from this new virus in the US happened in the Washington State.

Because of the rise of cases in the nation, there have been new travel rules, closures of schools, as well as declarations of emergencies.

According to US Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams, it’s not the time to panic.

He wants people to understand that they expected this and that’s why they’ve advised preparation since the beginning.

Adams further explains that caution is proper and so is preparedness. Panic isn’t.

The Other Diagnosed Cases of COVID-19 in the US

The more-than-100 cases of COVID-19 in the US are of the following people:

  • 45 passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship
  • 3 Americans who travelled from Wuhan, China
  • 17 people who’ve caught the virus through travel
  • 37 individuals who got it from another sick person in the US

The Deaths Linked with the Life Care Center in Kirkland

4 residents from this nursing care facility died from the virus. At least two of them, one man and a woman in their 70s, had other health issues.

More than 50 residents and staff have been experiencing symptoms and they will be tested for this virus. In the facility, there are around 108 residents and 108 people from the staff.

An investigation of the center was launched after one resident and one health care worker were tested positive to the virus.

For Governor Jay Inslee, it’s their priority to slow down the spread of this dangerous virus.

Inslee is running for reelection and says he’s not shaking hands for the time being as a precaution and he also worked from home due to a cough.

More Cases Are Inevitable in the US?

At least 12 states in the US have coronavirus cases, that is, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, New York, Washington, and Wisconsin.

The first case in New York is a 39-year-old health care worker who came back from Iran. Iran is dealing with around 1000 cases and at least 54 deaths from the virus.

The person is at home isolated with her husband, a health worker who’s also being tested.

There are two cases reported in Florida and both are self-isolated and will remain so until health officials give them clearance.

In Georgia, the two known cases are of people who live in the same house, one of whom came back recently from Italy.

The schools in Seattle, Portland, and Rhode Island areas have announced closures this week for cleaning after presumptions about cases linked to staff or students.




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