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Woodworker Makes 35 Desks for Local Kids Learning from Home

Because of the pandemic, millions of children have started this academic school year virtually. Distance learning has its perks, but also has its flaws and it can be a challenge, especially for those who don’t have access to the electronics which enable the virtual learning. Some families don’t have internet, […]

Why Turning Covid-19 Patients on Their Belly Saves Lives

When a patient with coronavirus has low levels of oxygen and is admitted in the Texas University Hospital in San Antonio, the doctors immediately flip them to lie on the stomach. This practice is known in medicine as proning and it’s considered beneficial as it elevates the patients’ chance for […]

Bye-Bye Cashiers: Walmart Switches to Self-Checkout Option Only

A Walmart store located in Fayetteville in Arkansas is changing their shoppers’ experience in the midst of the pandemic by using self-checkout counters without actual human cashiers. According to a spokesperson of the company, this Walmart will remove the conveyor belt lanes and switch on self-checkout counters. The purpose of […]