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Healthy & Delicious Vegan Carrot Dogs

Carrot dogs are one of the most trending foods currently-social media is full of it and they really look awesome. So, it’s time we also give them a go, don’t you agree?! Carrot dogs are a plant-based way to enjoy something similar to hot dogs. They even look so similar […]

10 Top Plant-Based Protein & Iron Sources

Nowadays, most people are aware that following a meat-free diet doesn’t mean you’ll be lacking on iron and protein. Actually, there are plenty of meat-free sources of these two important nutrients. Following a plant-based diet is good for you, for the environment, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Plus, […]

Jamie Oliver’s 30-Pound Weight Loss after Going Vegetarian

Jamie Oliver’s 30-Pound Weight Loss after Going Vegetarian

According to celebrity chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver, he lost weight because he removed meat from his diet. The 44-year-old said he’s been swapping meals with meat for vegetarian ones. He noted that he reduced his meat consumption, upped his veggie consumption, improved his sleep, and got more physically active. […]