Meet the First Plant-Based Burger Patty: Made from Microalgae with 2X more Protein than Beef

The next-generation sustainable urban food production tech company based in Singapore, Sophie’s Bionutrients, pushed frontiers of plant-based food with their newly-developed burger patties from microalgae.

This meat-free patty has twice the amount of protein than beef and fish.

And, every patty, that weighs around 60 grams, contains 25 grams of proteins, including all of the 9 essential amino acids.

And, for every 100 grams of the patty, up to a third of it is protein.

An Important Milestone for the Plant-Based Food Production Tech Company

This burger marks another milestone for this homegrown agri-food startup from Singapore that uses microalgae and patented tech to create plant-based and sustainable alternatives to protein.

According to Eugene Wang, the co-founder and CEO of the company, they’ve worked hard in strengthening the security of food by using the limitless possibilities of nature.

Considering the fact that microalgae are a major nutrient source in the ocean, they decided to develop a burger patty using it and show its versatility that extends far beyond plant-based seafood products.

Their goal is to keep on combining nature and tech and increase the palette of plant-based products they offer, while helping the environment.

Months of Research & Development Stand behind this Microalgae Patty

The company did months of research and testing in a local lab to make this patty. They used microalgae to make protein-rich flour which is extruded into crumbles to transform it into a chewy and meat-like texture.

Then, they combine these crumbles and shape them into the patties. The batch which contains around 20 to 100 patties can be produced within a week.

They seasoned the patty with 10 spices, including cloves, nutmeg, and paprika. Thanks to them, the patty has a rich, umami flavor.

It’s abundant in proteins, but also vitamin B and B12, which is naturally present in meat and helps keep the blood cells and nerve system optimally functioning.

How can You Prep the Plant-Based Microalgae Patty?

The patty is very versatile when it comes to cooking-you can boil, deep-fry or grill it.

In addition to burgers, Sophie’s Bionutrients also offer protein crackers and crab cakes.