Hero Biker: Spots a Little Dog Being Abused on Highway & Pulls Over to Help Him

A biker, Brandon Turnbow, was out riding his Harley Davidson in February in 2016 when he spotted a dog being abused.

He was travelling to see his father when he saw the small dog near the Cresson, Texas.

He explains he saw how a ‘worthless piece of c***’ was beating a small and innocent white dog.

He watched this on his rear view and then saw how this man threw the dog into the curbside and drove off.

Brandon pulled over and headed to see what happened with the dog.

Hero Biker Saves a Dog Abused & Thrown off the Highway

When he saw this, he immediately pulled over and went to see what happened with the dog. Luckily, the sweet thing was still alive.

Brandon lifted the dog up and wrapped him in his jacket and went off. He couldn’t believe people could be so harsh. He took the dog with himself and named him Mr. Davidson.

He named him like this because he had another dog that was named Harley.

And, he didn’t just decide to adopt this little fellow, but also wrote a song about the unusual rescue and how he survived a cruel owner.

Since the day he rescued Mr. Davidson, Turnbow has been giving him a life full of life. As the lyrics of the song he wrote about him reveals, he promises he’ll never allow him to be cast away.


And, he even got him his own pair of riding goggles and a vest. Isn’t Mr. Davidson the sweetest biker dog ever?

Despite how awfully the previous owner behaved with him, good people like Turnbow were there to help him and give him the life he deserves, free of pain!




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