Tennis Star Serena Williams Launched a Vegan Fashion Line, She Says It Is for the Animals & the Planet

Tennis star Serena Williams launched her new vegan fashion line and said that she feels like a lot of things are being killed and that we’re not saving our earth.

Williams also follows a plant-based diet and her vegan fashion line this year is inspired by Africa and named S by Serena Spring 2020.

Williams used her experience as an art student, her experience in business, and her experience in motherhood in the making of the collection.

She created a collection which is unapologetically beautiful and contains pieces for women to feel good in and reflect their true selves.

The athlete and entrepreneur explained that she decided to use vegan materials such as animal-free leather because we can all do a small thing and help.

What Does the S by Serena Spring 2020 Collection Include?

The collection boasts numerous pieces that are made using animal-free leather and some of them are the Sasha Vegan Leather Blazer and the Sasha Vegan Leather Pant.

For Williams, this collection is a fashion passport and it also has dresses, jumpsuits, and pantsuits in bold and interesting prints like Giraffe inspired by Africa.

Back in 2018, the vegan start launched her first collection which had a vegan line of 100 items, from sports bras to denim. They were designed to empower women to stand out from the crowd and emphasize their individuality.

She Was Devastated by the Australian Bushfires

Williams is a real fighter for social causes- she recently urged her 12.2 million followers on Instagram to help Australia by donating to organizations that are working on the rehabilitation of the forests and for the indigenous communities that were impacted by the fires.

She wrote that she was heartbroken by the wildfires and with the loss of 500 million animals and people left without homes, she knew they need to act fast and help as much as they can.

The tennis legend wrote how she’s been going to the island for more than 20 years and this destruction has hit her hard.

Vegan Since 2012 Together with Her Sister Venus

Serena Williams is one of the most popular vegan athletes in the world. The star adopted a vegan diet back in 2012 and has since won the US Open three times.

Both Serena and her sister follow a vegan diet. Venus did it primarily for health reasons. Serena decided to join her and help fight against health problems, but also to live a kinder lifestyle.





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