Better than Hummus?! Delicious & Creamy Cauliflower Dip Recipe

Once you try this cauliflower dip, you’ll easily ‘forget’ about all the pleasures that a hummus dip has to offer.

Served with crunchy and sliced \veggies, it will definitely amaze your taste buds…

Its flavor is mild so you can easily focus on the taste you want to dominate by adding the desired spices. Some excellent suggestions are cayenne pepper or garlic.

You can also sprinkle olive oil on top and a dash of sweet paprika too. Ready within minutes, it’s an excellent choice for get-togethers or weekend meals!

Combine it with superfood veggies to ensure you get the most of this dip. It’s excellent option to dip crackers, veggies or flatbread.

Come on; let’s check out the recipe below!

DIY Cauliflower Dip Recipe

You’ll need the following ingredients:

One medium-sized cauliflower head

2 TBSP of tahini sauce

2 TBSP of olive oil

1 garlic clove

Juice from one lemon

A dash of sea salt

A dash of black pepper

A pinch of paprika, garlic, cumin, turmeric, and onion spices

Preparation: Divide the cauliflower into florets and add it with the remaining ingredients in a food processor. Blend until you get a smooth, yet thick mixture.

Try out a bit and see if the taste is okay to you-add some more seasonings if you want to.

Serve it along with sliced veggies like carrots, cucumbers, turnips, etc.


Important to know:

This dip is suitable for several diets, including vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and paleo.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this dip in the comment section. Tell us if you’re planning to make it or how it tasted if you’ve already tried it out…





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