Vegan Displays Enormous Amount of Strength in this Must-See Video

Frank Medrano is a vegan bodybuilder, one of the growing number of athletes and bodybuilders whose power comes from plant-based diet only and regular workout.

He wasn’t born vegan and actually ate meat for 30 years. He was inspired by two good friends of his who were vegan bodybuilders, i.e. Noel Polanco and Dan Attanasio to begin this road.

His friends helped him start a plant-based diet; work on the meal plans, and answered all of the questions he had.

In only 2 to 3 months, Medrano already felt the benefits of veganism-an increase in energy and faster time for recovery.

It Was Not Easy, but It Was Worth It

He thought he was strong and healthy before a plant-based diet, but he realized there’s so much more.

But, the transition wasn’t easy-the difficult part was in his head that was constantly telling him he’s missing something, when he actually didn’t.

He had two photo shoots for the Vegan Health and Fitness magazines and he keeps on inspiring and educating others about how to thrive when following a vegan diet.

You can follow this amazing man on social media-he has his own website, his Facebook page, as well as YouTube channel.

His goal is to answer people’s questions and share important information, but also to inspire them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Although he looks stunning, people are often shocked when he says that he eats no animal products and the first thing they ask him is ‘what do you eat?’

Awareness of the Benefits of Plant-Based Diets Is on the Rise

More and more science is showing the advantages of a plant-based diet instead of animal products.

Moreover, as of 2009, the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recognized that as human beings, we have no biological necessity for animal products.

So, we can say that eating meat isn’t conditioned by our biology-it’s a conscious choice we make.




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