Harrison Ford Is another Celebrity that Went Vegan- He Says It’s for the Planet

The Indiana Jones star recently commented during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that he has stopped eating dairy and meat in an effort to be healthier and do better for the planet.

However, some could consider his decision confusing as the actor said that he still consumes fish.

DeGeneres told the actor that he looks good and inquired about his diet and this is when he said that he made the changes.

Ford said he’s practically eating veggies and fish without meat and dairy- ‘it’s really boring’.

DeGeneres praised his decision and said it’s impressive he can stick to it because it’s not easy to eat really clean.

She also asked him for the reasons behind his decision.

Why Harrison Ford Stopped Eating Dairy & Meat?

The actor said that he decided he was tired of meat and he emphasized how he’s aware that it’s not good for the planet or for him.

DeGeneres mentioned how Ford spoke at the UN about the environment and praised him for doing it and ‘helping all of us, speaking for all of us.’

Why Was the Actor Speaking at the UN?

DeGeneres referred to the speech of Harrison at the high-level meeting of the Alliance of Rainforests during the Climate Action Summit 2019 on behalf of Conservation International in September 2019.

Ford’s speech tackled the disastrous influence of the Amazon’s rainforest destruction on the planet.

The actor said how we’ve been talking about saving the rainforest for 30 years and we’re still doing it.

Amazon is pivotal for climate change solution because of its ability to take in carbon, for its biodiversity, fresh water, the air we breathe, and our morality, emphasized the actor.

He also addressed the recent fires in the Amazon and said that when a room in your house is on fire, you don’t say there’s a fire but you say ‘my house is on fire and we have only one house’.

He also spoke about how the older generations have failed younger people who are angry, organized, and capable of making a change.

‘We need to get the hell out of their way’, said the iconic actor.

Ford revealed on the DeGeneres show that he felt a bit nervous when he got up at the stage and was among heads of states. He thought they made a mistake choosing him.

However, it all went away when he realized he was allowed to talk about something he wanted to- the environment.