Actress & Writer Lena Dunham Went Vegan. She Says It’s Joaquin Phoenix Who Convinced Her to Make a Change

Lena Dunham, American actress, writer, director, and producer as well as the star of the HBO TV series Girls said she went vegan.

She credits the Joker star Joaquin Phoenix for inspiring her to make this decision.

She revealed the news on her Twitter when she shared a video of Phoenix’s Oscar speech where he addressed the oppression of people and animals.

She captioned the post ‘welp, it finally happened- I do believe Joaquin Phoenix made me vegan.’

Her Tweet Got a lot of Attention

Dunham’s tweet of going vegan received hundreds of comments, including organizations like PETA and Mercy for Animals, as well as from individuals.

PETA wrote that this is amazing and that it’s easy to choose kindness and that they’re there to help her live her best.

MFA shared an online vegan guide with the actress and wrote how this is amazing news and they thanked her for her compassion.

Joaquin Phoenix’s speech at the Oscars while he was picking up one for Best Actor in Joker made headlines worldwide and it received a lot of support, but also a lot of criticism.

Some Praised Joaquin Phoenix’s Speech, Others Thought It Was a Disgrace

Ashton Irwin, Australian singer and songwriter tweeted about Phoenix’s speech to his 6.3 million followers and said that not only did Phoenix wake up; he also displayed bravery and stopped acting in front of the biggest audience.

Irwin said he also aspires to speak up and be unafraid of the truth. He believes that heroes are slowly coming to the forefront of pop culture.  

Even though plant-based people praised the actor for using this immense platform to pinpoint the horrors of the dairy industry, some weren’t pleased.

One article in the New York Post branded the actor as ‘a disgrace’ and ‘a street bum’ for using his clout to help animals.