Woman Gives Birth To Twins From Different Dads After Cheating On Husband

Reportedly, last year, a Chinese woman gave birth to twin boys that were later found out to have different fathers.

The results from the DNA led the mother to admit that she cheated on her husband during a one-night stand, claims the Chinese newspaper.

The husband apparently felt odd because he thought that one of the boys didn’t look like him and requested a DNA test to find out the truth.

When they received the DNA test results, he questioned his wife over and over again to finally tell the truth.

Story Goes Viral after Having to Register the Twins’ Birth

The story became known to the public after the couple that lives in south-east Xiamen city went to register the birth of their twins at the local police station.

For the purposes of the registration, they needed to provide results from a paternity test proving that these were their babies.

The woman initially denied any affair and actually accused the husband of falsifying the paternity test.

After some time, the woman admitted she had slept with another man and that this was a one-night stand. The husband reportedly said that he’s happy to raise his own child, but not the child of some other person.

Twins Born from Different Fathers: How’s This Possible?

Having twins from two different fathers is a very rare occurrence that’s medically known as heteropaternal superfecundation.

The women usually have to have sex with distinct men within a day prior or after ovulation so that both eggs are fertilized.

Calculating the odds of this phenomenon is very hard, explain experts; studies suggest that the chances could be between 1 in 400 pairs and 1 in 13,000 pairs.

But, this isn’t the first case of reported twins with different fathers in China- back in 2014, a businessman from Yiwu city was shocked after he found out that one of his twins wasn’t his own biological son.

The father tested his children after he realized one of the boys had double eyelids, which was unusual to him as both he and their mother had single eyelids.