This Simple Bag Trick Will Keep Your Lemons Fresh for a Month

Without doubt, lemons are one of the most frequently used citrus fruits. It has a yellow color and a specific taste and it offers a variety of advantages for your health. It is rich in vitamin C and flavonoids which are able to increase the nutrients in your body. You can mix lemon juice with water, combine it with other fruits, or mix it in teas. However, a lot of people do not know how to maintain this fruit’s freshness for a longer period of time. Continue reading the article to learn more!

How to Keep Lemons Fresh

Did you know that potatoes, tomatoes, and onions should not be kept in the fridge whereas lemons should? Namely, when kept at room temperature, the freshness of lemons will go away after 5 days or so and contribute to a poorer taste and nutritive value. For more tenderness, taste, and juiceness, you should keep lemons in a sealable plastic bag or in the fridge. This will cause the lemon to age slower and extend their freshness to one month. The fridge is a great place for storing lemons because of the cool atmosphere and absence of light.

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