6 Major Symptoms that You Are Eating too much Sugar

If you happen to experience any of the symptoms we are going to present in today’s article, it may be high time you reconsider your sugar consumption. According to Healthy Way, it is not just diabetics who need to be cautious of their sugar intake, but everyone else too.

Without doubt, overconsumption of sugar can worsen the overall health and cause numerous problems. And, nowadays, there are a lot of products with hidden sugar and thus, we end up eating more sugar than the RDA without being aware.

When the sugar levels are too high, the body will show this through specific symptoms. Check them out in the list below.

6 Symptoms of Eating too much Sugar

  1. Sugar cravings

Even though craving some sweet food from time to time is considered normal, ongoing sugar cravings may indicate that you eat too much sugar and you need to reduce its consumption. Choose healthier sweeteners, healthier sugar (stevia or unrefined sugar), and try to acquire more natural sugar from fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed and pre-packed foods and soda drinks and store-bought fruit juices which are full of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Remember, the more sugar you intake, the more will your body want more. This is a result of the fact that sugar has a similar effect on the body as drugs- it gives you energy kick at first, then a crash, and a craving to reach the energy boost.

  1. Acne

Even though acne may appear because of numerous other reasons, they may also develop when a person eats too much sugar. The sugar causes the body to go through similar changes in the hormones that trigger acne. This happens as a result of the insulin which our body makes when we eat sugar and triggers a cascade effect with the hormones and eventually acne.. In people who are sensitive to such changes, sugar can easily lead to acne.

  1. Cavities

Our saliva is important because it keeps bad bacteria away from the teeth. But, when we eat too much sugar, we disrupt the saliva’s pH balance and it prevents it from working optimally. This imbalance is a sign of the presence of bad bacteria, which could further cause cavities and other tooth issues. Therefore, consult your dentist to find out if the issue with your teeth or gums may have to do with the amount of sugar you eat.

  1. Weight gain

Sugar is abundant in calories, but as it has no protein or fiber, it does not prolong your satiety and so, it is very easy to binge on sweets, candies, and other sugar-rich snacks. The body will do its best to transform that sugar into energy; however, it can burn a specific amount while the rest is stored as fat for later burning. This may result in weight gain.

  1. Increased urination

If you have been urinating more often than usually, this could be a result of the effect of sugar on the kidneys and their capacity to process fluid. Namely, when the blood sugar is high, the ability of the kidneys to absorb fluid will decrease. The surplus sugar will be removed through the urine.

  1. Changes in mood

When your sugar levels are decreasing, you may experience mood swings and feel fatigued and sluggish. This may make you more prone to “snapping” even at the slightest inconveniences.




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