8 Alkaline Foods That Will Flush Toxins And Mucus From Your Body

  1. Key limes

Preventing acid from accumulating in your body is what key limes do best. Apart from taste great. They are also a potent source of antioxidants and detoxifiers.

  • Sarsaparilla

Used as a diuretic, sarsaparilla is great for detoxifying your body. It can eliminate excess water, salt, and fats from your body by stimulating urination. Sarsaparilla can also purify your blood, by increasing the production of red blood cells. In this way it makes your body healthier and more resilient to inflammation.

  • Tila tea

Diaphoretic compounds found in tila tea induce sweating. This highly effective way of getting rid of toxins is, apart from urination, the most effective way to get excess water and harmful material out of your body.

  • Burdock tea

Bitter taste of burdock tea comes from the same compounds that stimulate production of stomach acid. This helps your liver to process and flush toxins in the fastest and most effective way. Research has proven this direct link between burdock tea and improved liver function.

  • Soursop

Juice of soursop is a powerful diuretic. This alkaline fruit flushes your stomach and removes any toxins and salts that your liver and kidneys couldn’t handle.

  • Peaches

Peaches are known as a great source of hydration, and this property means that they are also a great antioxidant. Prolonged treatment of some diseases, such as diabetes and tuberculosis can cause hepato-toxicity. Peaches are filled with hepato protective elements, and they are highly valuable in treating this condition.

  • Oregano

High content of calcium, manganese, iron, and fiber in oregano make this herb an excellent toxin flusher. It has also been proven that oregano increases liver function. Now you can fill better when eating pizza.

  • Blue vervain

Commonly used as a diuretic, blue vervain helps to flush toxins out of your body by stimulating urination. In this way, your body gets rid of excess water, salt, and bad fats. All of this contributes to a better liver and kidney function.