Man Invents Homemade Beehive To Save The Bees, And It’s Going Viral

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about bees because of their reduction in population and the consequent negative impact on food produce. According to Truth Theory, there are reports showing that beehives are disappearing at an alarmingly quick rate, mostly because of mites and pesticides, as well as because of the change in climate.

Though many are still unaware about the importance of bees in the eco-system, there are a lot of individuals who are aware of the issue and are doing their best to help the bees, i.e. help the environment. Let us learn how they are doing it through one man’s inspiring story.

Homemade Beehives: A Useful Way to Save the Bees

Believe it or not, keeping your own beehive is a simple, yet a potent method to help the bees. This will lower the decline in the population of bees and it also allows you to produce your own quality honey. Here is how to make your own beehive in a couple of steps:

You will need:

A pre-made bottom beehive kit


Several jars

One 2″ x 12″ x 6′ wood (cut 2 pieces to 22″ each, for the sides)

One 2″ x 12″ x 6′ wood (cut 2 pieces to 18 each, for the front and back)

One 1″ x 1″ x 6′ wood (cut 2 pieces to 22 each, for the top frame’s left and right sides)

Thick plywood, cut to 16″ x 20″

A box of 1″ wood screws

A can of dark wood stain

How to:

Stain the plywood which will be a frame for the beehive kit. Then, drill 12 holes into the 16, 20 plywood piece. To make the top frame, screw together the 4 plywood pieces of 18 and 22 and stain them. Afterwards, sterilize the 12 jars and then place them upside-down in the holes. Then, add shims or washers into them to support the honey that will be there later. After screwing on the lids, they need to be a great fit into the drilled holes, with less than 1/16″ gap between the hole and the jar.

Once you put empty combs or starter strips into the jars, it is time to add the bees. The comb will immediately attract them and the magic will begin!

When the jars become full of honey, twist the lids on- this will help the bees work while the honey is being collected. You need to keep the jars in a shady area to prevent overheating because of the lack of ventilation.



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