This Tea Will Detoxify Your Liver And Boost Your Immunity

If you want to naturally cleanse the liver and strengthen the immunity, then, stay tuned! This homemade tea with lemons, ginger, and turmeric that we discovered over at Juicing for Health can help you achieve this and so much more.

You probably already know that our liver performs a set of different functions in the body and almost everything we consume passes through this organ for filtration. However, when the liver fails to function 100 percent, there will not just be an overload of toxins, but your nutrient absorption will also be compromised.

This is where external detoxification can be of great aid- proper cleanses have the power to boost the digestion, aid the removal of toxins, and strengthen the immunity. As a result, you will be less prone to cold, flu, seasonal allergies, as well as digestive-related problems.

How to Protect the Health of the Liver?

In addition to consuming the tea we are going to present in today’s article on a regular basis, here are several other important tips on how to best strengthen its function:

  • Lower your sugar and salt consumption
  • Balance your fat consumption
  • Eat more whole-foods and fresh produce
  • Remember to stay hydrated and drink enough water on the daily

DIY Lemon & Ginger Tea for a Healthy Liver

You will need:

1 ½ cups of filtered water

A tsp of turmeric, freshly grated

A tsp of ginger, freshly grated

½ lemon, juiced together with the peel

2 twists of black pepper

A tbsp of honey, organic


Mix the ginger, turmeric, and water in a saucepan. Bring them to medium heat and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the saucepan from heat before it begins to boil. Then, strain it and fill one mug. Add the lemon juice and honey. Drink while warm.

Use: Consume a cup of the tea in the morning prior to breakfast or with breakfast. Enjoy!

Heading out? No problem; but do not miss out the video shown below first to learn more about this potent remedy!




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