Morgan Freeman Converts His 124 Acre Ranch into a Bee Sanctuary to Save Bees

From a statistical point of view, every one in three bites of food that we eat today is enabled by hardworking bees. Unfortunately, today, bees have been dying at an increasing rate; as a result, there have been a lot of efforts from different organisations and individuals to urge the government to stop using bee-harming pesticides.

They are also doing everything else in their power to increase the bee population and prevent extinction like planting flowers that bees are attracted to and buying organic produce. And, among those people is Morgan Freeman, an actor and a celebrity. Continue reading the article to learn what he did for the bee population…

Morgan Freeman: An Advocate of the Bees

Because of his concerns about the bee population,Freeman converted his 124 acre ranch in Mississippi into a refuge for bee. The ranch is full of bee-friendly plants and flowers, including fruit trees, lavender,clover, and many others. He emphasises that we do not yet realise the importance of bees and that they are the foundation of the planet’s growth and the vegetation. We need to help them-not destroy them! We depend on each other!

This is not the first time Morgan Freeman stands up for something. Namely, he has been making headlines for a lot of different reasons, besides his acting career. He is a supporter of cannabis legalisation and has also admitted to using the plant himself. He also stood against the propaganda campaign of mainstream media during the recent police brutality protests in Baltimore.

Why Are Bees at Risk of Extinction?

The bee population is currently facing a lot of different threats, including loss of habitat and climate change; however, the major threat to their existence is pesticide usage. Namely, we spray pesticides on crops to keep them safe from pests that could cause productivity issues. But,these chemicals are killing the bees that are actually making a lot of these crops possible!

The good news is that the most dangerous class of pesticide has been banned in the EU and a lot of U.S. stores have removed this product from their shelves. Even though there is a lot more to be done so that neonicotinoids are no longer harmful to bees, these efforts are very meaningful.

How to Help Bees as an Individual?

You may not have a 100+ acre ranch as Freeman does; however, there is still a lot that you can do to preserve the bee population. Here are some tips:

  • Plant bee-friendly plants in your garden
  • Spread the idea of the bees’ importance and the reduction in population whenever possible
  • Be supportive of organic farmers who do not use chemicals and pesticides on crops




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