11 Alkaline Foods That Will Knock Inflammation And Pain Out Of Your Body

These alkaline foods will help you fight inflammation in your body. Let’s check out the list below:

  • Sesame oil

High levels of copper found in sesame oil are great for fighting inflammation. In conditions such as arthritis and gout sesame oil is an irreplaceable medicament. The oil reduces swelling, and improves blood vessels.

  • Burro Bananas

Once again, if you suffer from arthritis or gout, burro bananas’ reduce inflammation and swelling. They can also get rid of signs of poor diet, such as indigestion or acid reflux. Adding a burro banana to your daily diet is definitely a must.

  • Sarsaparilla

Muscle pain and cramps will become a thing of the past with regular consumption of these berries. Active ingredients in sarsaparilla help strengthen the muscles and bones, and help them recover faster after working out, or injuries. Other inflammations are also easily treated with sarsaparilla.

  • Prickly pear

Prickly pear is traditionally used as a sort of ointment; it’s mashed up and applied to the area of your body that’s under inflammation. When eaten, prickly pear reduces the symptoms of gout, arthritis, and muscle ache in general.

  • Soursop

Not only does it look like a dragon egg from Game of Thrones, this fruit also has some magical anti-inflammatory properties. Soursop increases recovery period drastically, reduces pain, and improves flexibility.

  • Blue Vervain

A powerful analgesic, and even more powerful inflammation fighter. Not only does it reduce inflammation and swelling in diseases such as gout, it also helps with digestive issues, and kidney stones. Organic compounds in blue vervain block pain receptors in affected area, and reduce pain almost instantly.

  • Sage

Respiratory and gastrointestinal issues are best treated with sage. Brewing a tea is the easiest method of introducing it to your organism, and it will make sure your lungs, stomach, and heart stay healthy. Sage also helps with blood pressure regulation.

  • Burdock tea

Fibers found in burdock, especially inulin are known to reduce inflammation, and help flush toxins from your body. Use this tea to fight diarrhea and stomach ache.

  • Bladderwrack

Bladderwrack has been used for ages in treating arthritis, gout, skin irritation, and hemorrhoids. This powder like substance reduces swelling and inflammation, and relieves pain.

  • Tila tea

Chronic headaches, and tension caused ones can be treated with tila tea. It also reduces respiratory inflammation, lowers blood pressure, and helps with blood vessel inflammation. Blood vessel blocks that lead to headaches will be gone with daily consumption.

  • Bay leaves

Bay leaves contain parthenolide, a unique phytonutrient that quickly and effectively reduces pain and inflammation.

Source: http://alkalinevalleyfoods.com

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