8 Incredible Ways Himalayan Salt Will Change Your Life

Apart from being the tallest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas are also famous for the pink salt. The Himalayan are was once a primordial sea, almost a quarter of a billion years ago. As the tectonic shifts occurred, all the minerals once contained in that sea were crystalized due to the influence of heat, and that’s how we got Himalayan salt.

Due to the conditions this salt was created in, it is known as one of the purest and most nutritious minerals on Earth, and it is immeasurably healthier and better for everyday use than its regular, industrial relative.

There are many ways in you can utilize Himalayan salt, some of which are:

Sinus Irrigation: Himalayan pink salt kills bacteria that cause sinus infections and blockage, so use it as a Neti pot. If you don’t like the feeling of water running through your nose, get a Himalayan salt inhaler.

Detox: Add Himalayan salt into a warm bath, and soak your body. The salt, when dissolved in water, turns ionic and helps your skin to get rid of toxins and dead tissue.

Air Purification: Himalayan salt is not only good for body detoxification, but it can also remove toxins from the air. You can buy Himalayan salt lamps, which may seem like regular lamps, but they actually draw moisture from the air in. They are made of Himalayan salt, and the heat from the bulb evaporates the water back into the air – only this time toxin free.

Soreness: Himalayan salt bath can also relieve soreness in muscles. Magnesium in the salt is absorbed by your skin, and the effects are almost immediate. Damaged, bruised, and sore bones and muscles will be a thing of the past.

Digestion: Replacing regular salt for Himalayan in the kitchen can bring many health related benefits. One of those is improved digestion. If you’re trying to lose weight the Himalayan salt is definitely your friend.

pH balance: almost half of our planet’s population struggles with some sort of pH balance related issue. The most common one is acid reflux. Apart from being unpleasant, pH instability can cause immune system deficiency, kidney stones, and other issues. An easy way to restore your pH balance to normal is by drinking a mixture of one teaspoon of Himalayan salt and a glass of room temperature water. Have this drink whenever you get acid reflux.

Hydration:  The water and salt mixture mentioned before provides your body with electrolytes, therefore improving your hydration. All of the major electrolytes found in sport drinks are also contained in the salt, however, by drinking Himalayan salt with water you won’t get nearly as much sugar in your organism.

Blood Pressure: Its high sodium content gives the Himalayan salt ability to reduce blood pressure. It may seem to you that this contradicts all the talk about salt and how it’s one of “four white deaths”, but we must remember that we are not dealing with regular salt. Regular salt is heavily adjusted in the chemical sense, while the Himalayan salt is completely natural, and all of its sodium content will be easily managed by your organism.


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