Easy, Effective & Cheap DIY Remedy to Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags are benign and soft growths that appear when the skin folds on the armpits, breasts, neck, eyelids or groins. These are growths comprised of loose collagen fibers which are lodged inside the skin’s thicker areas. Even though friction or skin rubbing against skin can lead to the formation of skin tags, it is not entirely clear what is their main cause. In one study, according to Health Line, there was a link between these growths and illnesses like type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Changes in hormones may also be a contributing factor. Though they are mostly harmless, they can cause pain if snagged by clothes or jewelry. This being said, a lot of people would like to know how to remove them safely and naturally. Continue reading the article to learn one of the best and easiest ways to do this!

DIY Method to Get Rid of Skin Tags Easy

You will need:

2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar

A cotton ball



Preparation: First, cleanse the area gently with soap and warm water. Then, towel-dry the area and then soak the cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. Squeeze out the surplus liquid and then place the cotton ball onto the affected area. Attach it with a bandage and wear it throughout the day. Replace it with a new one the following day.

Repeat the treatment on a daily basis or until the skin tag dries and falls off.

Additional Home Remedies for Skin Tags Removal

If the apple cider vinegar does not prove to be effective for you, there are plenty of other ones that you can try out. Here is a list with some of the most effective remedies:

  • Vitamin E oil-massage the oil over the tag and the surrounding skin on the daily
  • Garlic-apply previously mashed garlic over the tag and attach it with a bandage. Leave it overnight and remove it in the morning. Rinse the area. Repeat the following night.
  • Tea tree oil- on a previously cleaned area, with a cotton swab, apply some of the oil onto the tag. Put a bandage and wear it overnight. Repeat for several nights in a row for optimal effect.
  • Banana peel- put a small piece of a banana peel onto the tag and cover it with a bandage. Wear it overnight and repeat regularly until the tag dries and falls off.




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