5 Powerful Yoga Poses To Relieve Back Pain and Can Be Done in 8 Minutes!

The back is without doubt one of the most common sensitive areas for a lot of people. Even though the reasons behind the pain can be numerous, poor posture and weak core are major contributors. The negative effects of prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyle can contribute to pain in the back area and discomfort.

It is therefore vital to determine the underlying cause, address it properly, and avert it from happening again. But, there are a lot of situations when gentle yoga poses can help alleviate the tightness, pain, and discomfort and bring your back the much needed relief. Specific yoga stretches can reduce general backache and discomfort and lower the tightness and alignment problems.

Before you decide to do some yoga for your back pain, make sure you see a physical therapist if you have history of back injuries, disc-related issues, or ongoing pain for more than 72 hours.

5 Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain

  1. Cat/cow pose

-improves posture

-flexes and extends the spine

-boosts the mobility

-alleviates lower back tension

Begin on all fours with the shoulders over the wrists and your hips over the knees. Breathe in slowly and while exhaling, round the spine while gently dropping the head towards the floor (cat pose). Then, breathe in and begin lifting the head, chest, and tailbone while arching the back (cow pose). Repeat the movements for one to three minutes.

  2. Downward facing dog

-stretches out the hamstrings and calves

-helps decrease backache

While on all fours during the cat/cow pose, keep the hands on the floor and gently lift the knees and buttocks and press into the pose. Spread the fingers and extend the arms. Try to gently lower the heels towards the ground. Keep the head relaxed between the arms. Gaze through the legs or up towards the belly. Relax and stay in the pose for a minute to three.

  3. Sphinx pose

-improves the natural curve of the back

-engages the abdominal muscles (important for proper back support)

Lie down on the stomach; keep the legs together and straightened. Put the elbows under the shoulders while keeping the forearms on the floor. Begin lifting the chest up off the floor; press the thighs and hips into the floor and lengthen the spine. Keep the shoulders relaxed and the gaze forward. Go for a gentle stretch in the lower back area; avoid excessive extending. Stay in the pose a minute to three.

  4. Reclined supine twist

-stretches the back

-relieves tightness

While lying down on the back, pull the knees towards the chest. Then, drop them gently over to one side while twisting the torso in the other direction. Keep the hips and knees aligned with each other while drawing them towards the floor. Keep your chest square to the ceiling as much as possible. Stay in the pose for minute to three.

  5. Child’s pose

-decreases pressure in the back

-elongates and aligns the spine

-stretches out the muscles and decompresses the back

While kneeling on the mat, keep the knees hip-width apart and the feet touching behind you. Breathe in deeply and while breathing out, lay down the torso over your thighs. Try to lengthen the neck and spine by drawing the ribs away from your tailbone and the head’s crown away from the shoulders. Gently rest the forehead on the ground. Keep the arms extended in front of the head or behind resting on the feet. Stay for a minute or two in the pose. Breathe deeply and relaxed.




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