Every Woman Should Know These 15 Tricks With Baking Soda

Without doubt, baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is one of the most versatile ingredients we have in our kitchen cabinets. Whether it is cooking, cleaning or beautifying our skin and hair, it appears that there is rarely something that baking soda cannot do.

If you have not been using baking soda a lot, you will definitely start after you read about the numerous advantages it has to offer. In today’s article, we will present 15 such benefits. Continue reading the article below to find out more…

15 Best Uses of Baking Soda

  1. Relieves heartburn

If you have eaten something that has caused an unpleasant heartburn which is keeping you awake at night, you should know that baking soda can help you. Just mix one tsp of the powder with a glass of water and drink it right away for optimal relief.

  2. Refreshes the breath

To cleanse the oral cavity from bad bacteria and to improve your breath’s freshness, swish ½ glass of water and a tsp of baking soda in the mouth. Then, spit the content out and rinse the mouth with water.

  3. Repels bugs

To keep insects and other bugs away from your home, sprinkle some baking soda around the doors, window sills, and under the sink in the kitchen.

  4. Eliminates unpleasant body odor

Did you know that baking soda is an excellent natural deodorant? Mix it with a bit of water and apply it onto the armpits and you are ready to go.

  5. DIY facial scrub

To prepare an all-natural facial scrub, mix 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water. Use it as you would use a regular scrub.

  6. Relaxes the feet

After a long day in shoes, there is nothing better than a relaxing foot bath. Fill one basin with warm water and mix it with 3 tbsp of baking soda. Soak the feet for 20 minutes and then scrub them gently with a pumice stone to eliminate dead skin.

  7. Prolongs the duration of flowers

Add one tsp in vase water to maintain the flowers’ freshness longer.

  8. Sweeten tomatoes

If you are growing tomatoes in your garden, sprinkle some baking soda onto the surrounding soil to make sure they have a sweeter taste when they become ripe.

  9. Makes omelettes fluffier

To every 3 eggs mixed, add ½ tsp of baking soda to ensure your omelette is soft and fluffy.

  10. Cleans sponges

Put 4 tbsp of baking soda in a quart of warm water. Soak the sponges for half an hour or so and then rinse them off. This will remove bad bacteria and unpleasant odor.

11. Deodorizes cutting boards

For optimal disinfection of your cutting boards and removing unwanted odors, scrub them with baking soda and then rinse them off well with warm water.

  12. Squeaky clean silverware

To polish silverware, use baking soda. Combine water and baking soda in a 1 to 3 ratio.

  13. Suppress unpleasant fridge smell

Did you know that baking soda can absorb smell? So, it is highly recommendable that you place a bowl with baking soda in the fridge to absorb all of the smells being released from different foods and products.

  14. Oven cleaner

Mix water and baking soda and spray the whole inside of the oven. Leave it like that throughout the night and in the morning, scrub it and then wipe it off. The stain and grease will easily be removed.

15. Car deodorant

Sprinkle some baking soda onto the car seats to eliminate unpleasant odors.




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