Top 6 Plants You Should Put In Your Bedroom To Have A Better Night’s Sleep

Have you ever thought that a thing as “simple” as a plant can help you better your sleeping patterns? Namely, according to a study done by NASA, there is a specific set of plants that have the capacity to cleanse indoor air and their scent has relaxing effect on the body and mind. So, if you want to make your bedroom an even more pleasant place for calm sleep and optimal rest, make sure you find space for some of the six plants shown below…

6 Best Bedroom Plants

  1. Aloe vera

This is one of the best air cleansing plants according to the study. It has the power to release oxygen at nighttime and what’s more, it is very easy to take care for. They require the occasional watering and do well when placed in shade or in direct light.

  2. Peace lily

In addition to detoxifying the air by expelling toxins from it and elevating the humidity in the room, peace lilies in your bedroom will be a beautiful addition. Their air cleansing properties are also good for allergy sufferers and may be beneficial in relieving sinus issues and dry throat.

  3. English ivy

In one study done by the American College of Allergy, it was discovered that this plant had the capacity to eliminate 94 percent of airborne feces and 78 percent of airborne mould in 12 hours. This being said, if you suffer from an allergy, placing this amazing plant in your bedroom can significantly decrease the sneezing at night.

  4. Areca palm

This beautiful palm will not just make your bedroom a more enjoyable place for sleep, buy it will also enhance the quality of air. It is highly beneficial for those who have problems with their sinuses or struggle with common colds. This is because they release moisture in the air and this eases your breathing while you sleep calmly throughout the whole night.

  5. Jasmine

Besides its pleasant smell, this plant may also help better your sleep quality. So, make sure you place a jasmine or two in your bedroom for optimal enjoyment.

  6. Lavender

Though last, its benefits are definitely not the least! In addition to the enjoyable scent that is the favorite of many, lavender will help you calm down when you go to bed and purify the air from bad bacteria and other toxins.




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