For the First Time ever: Cannabis Oil Used in the Hospital to Save a 2-Month Baby

A 2-month baby girl in Canada is making history- she is the youngest child to receive cannabis treatment in a hospital. Back in December 2016, Nicole and Ernie Nunez brought their little baby girl called Amylea into the world. But, the excitement did not last for long as things took a turn for the worst.

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Namely, after a day or so after delivery, their baby girl experienced a seizure. She was diagnosed with a rare type of epilepsy. After the diagnosis, the family did everything in their power to relieve the condition. The family, who are originally from New Mexico, went to Colorado because the doctors there could not help.

Cannabis: A New Hope for Epileptic Patients?

The baby was treated in the Children’s Hospital in Aurora and the doctors tried to relieve her condition through the usage of several meds; however, these meds come with some pretty serious side effects. Namely, they are damaging the baby’s liver.  So, they were in the search of something that can reduce the seizures, but will not harm their daughter.

During their numerous researches online, the family came across people who were using cannabis oil to relieve different health problems, including seizures. They also informed themselves about Charlotte’s Web, a strain of cannabis that was named after a young girl Charlotte Figi whose life it saved.

The girl had the first seizure at the age of three months and over the following months, she had constant seizures that lasted from two to four hours and she was hospitalized. The parents managed to find a specific strain of cannabis and used it as a cure. After the success with the treatment, numerous other children with seizures have been treated with cannabis oil.

Amylea’s Improvement Thanks to Cannabis

Amylea’s mom was doing her best to convince the doctors to add cannabis oil to her treatment therapy. After some time, the doctors agreed. However, though the doctors approved the usage of the oil, they did not administer it to the baby so the parents did it themselves.

Her improvement begun shortly after several doses and this girl is the youngest patient who has ever received cannabis oil as treatment in a hospital.

Cannabis’s Effects on Epilepsy Patients

According to a study, cannabis oil is a highly beneficial therapy for intractable epilepsy. Of the 261 patients with the condition who were given CBD therapy, 45 percent of them experienced a reduction in the frequency of their seizures whereas 9 percent experienced no seizures for three months.

If you want to help Amylea, here is her Go Fund Me page where you can donate to her medical fund.