How To Remove Pounds Of Toxins From The Intestines With The Help Of These 2 Ingredients

With the help of this intestinal and colon cleanse, you will help remove the accumulated waste from there and better your health significantly. Moreover, it will also better the body’s nutrient absorption without the need to additionally poison your system with over-the-counter meds.

Believe it or not, you can eliminate up to 20 pounds of toxins if you follow this detox diet for a period of three weeks. And, the detox is also highly recommendable for dieters- it can help with weight loss.

Easy Colon Cleanse Diet

By eating a mixture of kefir and flaxseed for breakfast every morning for 21 days, you will do wonders for your overall health. Below, check out the three phases you should follow so that you can successfully expel buildup colon waste.

Phase No.1

Blend a tbsp of flaxseed flour and 100 ml of kefir. Drink it in the morning for breakfast. Do this for a period of seven days.

Phase No.2

The following week, add another tbsp of flaxseed flour to the previous blend. Eat the mixture for breakfast for additional seven days.

Phase No.3

In the third week, add more flaxseed and kefir to the mixture, i.e. 3 tbsp of the flour and 150 ml of kefir.

For an additional boost, repeat the cleansing in the evening as well, prior to bed, for the whole three weeks. This will increase the number of removed pounds up to 30.

Important to Note:

  • Are you new to the consumption of fermented foods like kefir? If yes, remember to take one to two days of break in between the phases. This will allow the body to adapt to the detoxification
  • Do not forget to drink up to 8 glasses of water per day to enhance the removal of the toxins
  • Perform the cleanse once per year; avoid doing it more often because it may overwhelm the body
  • A half-an-hour walk on the daily is known to boost the digestive processes and help the detoxification process
  • Enrich your diet with organic and whole foods as much as possible-stay away from processed foods

Before heading out, do not forget to check out the video below and learn more about the advantages of regular body detoxes:




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