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Could Hemp Toilet Paper Save the World?

Commercially grown hemp is so versatile, eco-friendly, and sustainable. There’s no need for fertilizers or pesticides to grow it and it can be collected in as little as 70 days. The plant also requires minimal watering and is able to help the soil by encouraging its renewal. Hemp fibers are […]

Green Sand May Help Catch Billions of Tons of CO2

Project Vesta’s ongoing experiment will be spreading a green mineral on beaches where its interaction with the waves may help pull carbon from the air. The non-profit, on a beach in the Caribbean, will soon start their testing of a radical method that may be of aid in the fight […]

Swimming Pools Made from Shipping Containers

With quarantine and lockdown still being active in a lot of countries worldwide, people are becoming more and more creative and coming up with unique and interesting innovations for their homes and yards. We covered up some of the most interesting ones like the we-sheds and the wine cellar from […]