7 Wonderful Herbs You can Grow in Water Indoors all Year

Without any need for soil or potting mixes, you can grow delicious herbs in water indoors all year round.

These aromatic herbs will supply you with nutrients and extra deliciousness of your meals.

Below, check out 7 awesome herbs you can grow in water at home. Add some green vibes today!

7 Herbs You can Grow in Water whole Year Round


Growing it is pretty easy-use cuttings from a basil plant and cut the lower leaves. Leave 2 to 3 on the top.

Put them in a transparent glass jar filled with filtered water so that only 60 percent of the stem is submerged in water.

Place it in an area where it will get indirect sunlight, especially morning one. Replace the water every 2 to 3 days.


Just take 6 to 8 inches cut from healthy rosemary plant and propagate it in water.

Don’t let the leaves touch the water. Keep the jar at a bright windowsill with not very long sun exposure.


Use a 4 to 5 inch cutting from an established mint and grow it in water. Put the jar near a sunny window.


You can grow it with seeds or cuttings-replace the water regularly and keep the jar in an area that’s bright, but not overly exposed to direct sunlight.


In a shallow jar or dish, put a fennel bulb with the base down. Put it near a bright window and replace the water every 2 to 3 days.


Easily regrow your own celery using water-in 7 to 10 days; you’ll notice miniature celery growing from the base.


What is pizza without oregano, right? And, even better if we have some fresh nearby.

Use cuttings and set them in a jar filled with water. It will do well if you place it in a sunny area if you live in a colder climate; in warmer climates, partial shade will be awesome.




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