10 Great Edible Flowers: Flavor Your Food & Improve Your Health

Did you know that flowers are more than just a pretty sight and a pleasant aroma?-In fact, there are some flowers which are edible-they taste good and are abundant in nutrients.

This being said, make sure you check out 10 like this below and find out the real flower power; let’s go!

10 Delicious Edible Flowers

  • Violet

These flowers aren’t just eye pleasers, but also palate pleasers, making them one of the most popular edible flowers.

They’re often added into cold drinks and cocktails. Also, you can use them to decorate salads or use as decoration for your desserts.

  • Rose

Roses have some amazing culinary uses. There’s rose water, rose jelly, rose tea, rose milk, and even rose ice cream.

It’s also good for the overall health-its hips can be used to relieve arthritis, fever, constipation, and UTIs. Its petals are abundant in nutrients, including vitamins and minerals.

  • Saffron

This is an awesome flower to boost the taste and color of your dishes.

And, as it’s abundant in minerals like potassium and iron, it makes a great antidepressant, antiseptic, and antioxidant.

  • Japanese honeysuckle

This flower with yellow blossom petals is rich in sweet nectar. But, only its blossoms are edible-its dark berries aren’t!

  • Marigold

These merry orange flowers look stunning when they decorate rice or pasta and their peppery taste is awesome for eggs and soups.

You can also use it instead of saffron. Medically, it’s used for relieving wounds and ulcers and reducing inflammation.

  • Bee balm

Well-known for its medicinal benefits, this flower is also edible.

Add the flower petals into fruit salads or steep the flower heads into a liquid for yummy sorbets or jams.

  • Lavender

Lavender isn’t just an awesome medicinal herb, but it’s also edible.

It’s an incredibly multipurpose herb for cooking-you can use its flowers and leaves fresh and the buds and stems dried.

Its sweet and floral fragrance with citrus notes will definitely make all meals amazing.

  • Jasmine

Known as the most fragrant flower in the world, jasmines’ stunning scent can also enrich your meals-its flowers are edible.

  • Hibiscus

Showy and attractive, hibiscus flowers are also edible.

In addition to using them for tea making, you can also add them to salads or use them for decoration of your desserts.

  • Tree peony

Peonies, native to China, are not just delightful to look at, but also have healing powers and have culinary use.

Feel free to add them to salads or brew yummy tea. It’s highly recommendable for people with diabetes or high cholesterol and it’s also known to lower the risk of blood clots.



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