People Are Making Bee Waterers to Hydrate Bees without Causing Them to Drown

Bees are pivotal for the environment and are busy working to pollinate a lot of plants.

Without them, the eco system would crash. This is why it’s important to welcome them in your garden-they’re actually doing you a favor.

And, why not help your important guests and offer them some refreshments when they arrive?-When it comes to bees, they’re not too demanding-they will do just fine with some fresh and clean water.

But, you need to ensure the bee waterer you establish doesn’t actually drown these precious insects.

They need clean water to be able to thin the crystalized honey during winter and to cool down the hive in the summer period.

Luckily, if you’re bee-friendly, you will love to hear that there’s an easy way to make a safe bee waterer. The bees visiting your garden will drink from this pretty waterer and keep going on with their busy days.

And, you’ll feel happy that you were able to help!

How to Make a Bee Waterer for Your Garden

You’ll need:

A shallow container

Several pebbles or marbles

Some elevation for the container (to prevent other animals or insects from reaching it)

Fresh and clean water

How to make the waterer:

Elevate the container on the table. Set the pebbles or marbles evenly. Add water; don’t flood the pebbles. Make sure the top layer is out of water.

In this way, the bees can land on the pebbles and safely drink from the water.

Remember to replace the water regularly.

If you loved the idea, don’t forget to share it with friends and family, especially ones who have gardens. In this way, you’re caring for bees and helping the planet.

Isn’t this awesome?




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