Man Builds a Special Kayak to Take His Dogs on Adventures

What is so good about a hobby if you can’t take your besties with you, right?

Luckily for David Bahnson, a retired orthopedic surgeon from Vermont, he’s found the ideal way to share his favorite pastime with his dogs.

His “genuine” invention is a kayak designed for him and two dogs to sit inside. Thanks to his innovative thinking, his adventures on the water are never boring.

Man Builds a Kayak for Him & His Two Dogs

Bahnson said how the dogs love it when they’re in the kayak. In fact, they get really excited when he pulls the kayaks out because they know what’s going to happen next.

This retired orthopedic surgeon came up with this unusual idea after he saw how one of his dogs Susie, could fit inside the baggage part of his kayak which he built with a kit from Pygmy Boats easily.

Thanks to the ring or the “coaming” around the opening, the dog could stay cozy and dry as he piloted the vessel through the water.

Together with Susie and his wife, Bahnson enjoyed time spent in the kayak. However, after some time, they had an addition to their family- a new dog named Ginger.

Since they didn’t want to live Ginger out during their kayaking trips, Bahnson decided to make another boat modification so Ginger could also fit.

He just made another hole. Now, it’s like a triple kayak, but there’s not enough room for the paddlers to place their feet. But, for dogs, it’s ideal!

Susie & Ginger Love Spending Time on the Water

Bahnson doesn’t need a lot of time to convince his furry buddies to settle into their seats when it’s kayaking time. In fact, even though he rarely paddles out too far from the land, the dogs seem to understand how to stay safe on their adventure.

They’re trained to get into the kayak on their own and then sit down. After they sit down, it’s adventure time. They stay in their seats until he tells them it’s safe to get out.

Susie & Ginger Passed Away but Had a Life Full of Adventures

Susie and Ginger have both passed away, but they’ve lived a life full of adventures, and a lot of them spent in the special boat made for them. But the tradition continues with the family’s new furry friends.

Bahnson says that he loves his dogs and enjoys training them. He loves their unique companionship and says he’ll remember the paddling with his dogs forever.