1st Grade Teacher Visited Her Student Who Was Fighting Cancer Every Day

Barbara Heim, a teacher at the Conneaut Valley Elementary School, made sure that her student, Harrison Conner, didn’t fall behind school while fighting a battle with cancer.

This Pennsylvania teacher really went above and beyond to ensure her first-grader didn’t fall behind in school. She started video-calling and visiting him at his home after his diagnosis of leukemia last year.

Heim has been a teacher for 35 years and wanted to help Harrison keep up with school work so that he’s prepared for when he comes back.

Teacher Visits One of Her Students at Home Every Day to Help Him Out with School

Heim said that this was a joyful experience since she knew that the boy wanted to learn. He was excited but also had off days when the medicine was too strong or he was tired.

She also said how there were days when he didn’t feel his best, but together, they all made it through. The boy always did the best he could.

Heim explains that she first noticed something was happening with the boy when he started being less active during recess in 2019. He would also go pale during playtime.

Harrison’s family later learned he had leukemia, cancer which goes after the bone marrow and the lymphatic system. It’s an illness that makes the body produce white blood cells in abnormal amounts and they can’t function optimally.

The Boy’s Cancer Is in Remission, but He’s still Learning Remotely

Heim says how Harrison is a wonderful little guy. He’s fun in class and wants to learn new things.

Harrison’s treatment is still ongoing but the boy is now in remission. He will keep learning remotely and he and his family are very grateful for the time Heim devoted to them.

The boy’s mom, Suzanne Conner, says how it goes far beyond his teacher just coming to their home for school. Ever since her son got diagnosed, she has been amazing. She kept Harrison a part of the children’s lives in school and made sure the boy also feels remembered.